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Guest Houses in Jerusalem and Environs – Get Ready to Be Pampered

A vacation in Jerusalem is the best possible recommendation: near all the attractions – the Old City, the Mahane Yehuda Market, mountain air and the most pampering guest houses. You can get wonderful guest houses in Jerusalem and its environs that will be great for your next vacation

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Villa Tarshish – Jerusalem

וילה תרשיש (צילום: עמינדיב רוזיליו)

וילה תרשיש (צילום: עמינדיב רוזיליו)

Are you looking for a place for a good vacation designed for the religious and Haredi public, with a high level of hospitality and enjoyable activities? The luxurious Tarshish villa is the perfect place for you. As one of the favorite guest houses in Jerusalem and its environs, the villa can host groups and families of up to 20 people, and is particularly suitable for anyone in the observant community, who is looking for a pleasant, well planned and comfortable vacation in a rural atmosphere, with a variety of excellent activities.

The guest house in Har Shmuel, about a two-minute drive from Jerusalem, is the perfect location for a quiet vacation in Jerusalem, near the vibrant capital and its many attractions, but at the same time in a quiet rural atmosphere with clear mountain air. The villa is luxurious, well designed and includes a lovely courtyard.

The villa has three floors, five bedrooms, a parents' unit with a shower and a jacuzzi, a spacious living room and an accessorized kitchen suitable for the religious public, with a Shabbat hotplate and samovar. The table opens to fit 22 diners and another table can be added if necessary. Every floor has a balcony facing the courtyard, the lawn, or a lovely view of the Jerusalem hills. The courtyard has been designed with a lovely garden that surrounds the entire complex, along with clean and well kept lawns, and includes seating areas, a trampoline and a swing facing the landscape.

A basement is now being added, which will serve as the fourth floor. It basement will be accessorized especially for leisure activities, with a large jacuzzi, a built-in TV screen, a snooker table and other extras. Ruti, the owner, says:

"We invested a great deal so that the villa will meet all the needs of the guests. It's a very big villa with room for a large number of guests, and is designed in a luxurious and inviting manner. Our great advantage is the location, in a very quiet area with a rural atmosphere, and at the same time very close to all the action and tourist sites in Jerusalem. In addition, the complex is near Hasidic, Sephardic and Lithuanian synagogues, and a mikveh, so that it provides a perfect solution for the religious and Haredi public."

 Villa Tarshish

Ruti: 054-8429901

Website: www.rrr.co.il/villas/showCabin.asp?site=313

Nof Harim – Shoeva

נוף הרים שואבה (צילום: דורון ששון פור)

נוף הרים שואבה (צילום: דורון ששון פור)

"A combination of three elements makes our guest house complex popular: the affordable prices, the high level of maintenance and our service as the owners," says Orly Sasson Pur. "The place is a special favorite for young couples and couples celebrating a romantic event."

The Sasson-Pur family from Shoeva built nine guest houses in 1999, as part of the "Tourism 2000" project, with the help and support of the Tourism Ministry. The complex contains well appointed guest houses that include a corner jacuzzi (1.40 x 1.40), a bedroom, living room and kitchenette, as well as standard rooms with a shower stall. In the complex you will enjoy a well kept courtyard with a refreshing jacuzzi pool (in the summer), surrounded by a pastoral landscape.

Opposite the rooms is a "snack" area, which includes meat meals and sandwiches with fresh home-made salads. There is also a branch of Shalom Falafel, fine illy coffee and baked goods, a store selling alcohol and wines at wholesale prices – which can all be ordered to your room. In order to preserve the intimate hospitality, they host couples only. The guests include brides and grooms on their wedding night, engagements, birthdays and any other celebration for a couple. The room can be decorated in advance any way you choose, including balloons, white linens, chocolate and flowers, all at a fair price. You are invited to leave behind the routine and to connect to the landscape, nature and a vacation. In short, you are invited to a vacation at the Nof Harim complex in Moshav Shoeva.

Nof Harim Shoeva

Telephone: 052-3782700

Address: Shoresh Junction

Website: https://www.nof-harim.com

Nof Meir – 10 minutes from Jerusalem

נוף מאיר (צילום: שילה כהן)

נוף מאיר (צילום: שילה כהן)

Three wooden cabins in the Nof Meir guest houses in the religious community of Beit Meir, located 10 minutes from Jerusalem, 40 minutes from Tel Aviv and at one of the stops of the Israel National Trail, built in an amazing mountain landscape that overlooks the Coastal Plain and when there is good visibility, you can even catch a glimpse of the sea on the horizon.

The cabins are built in the Swiss style, from Norwegian wood and in different sizes. Two are suitable for families and one is for couples. The lovely cabins have a sitting area with a plasma screen, a dining area and an accessorized kitchen suitable for the religious public, with a samovar and a Shabbat hotplate.

The cabin also includes a large and luxurious jacuzzi and a spacious balcony that faces the landscape, opposite breathtaking sunsets, with sitting areas, a wooden swing, and a barbecue grill that can be used every day except Shabbat. "We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the guest houses, which are constantly being renovated and upgraded, with the furniture replaced as necessary, and new accessories," says owner Itzik Cohen.

The guest houses are suitable for anyone interested in resting and enjoying the quiet, the view and the clear air, but also for anyone looking for attractions on their vacation. They will be pleased to hear that the area is full of such places: It is near the Burma road, on the Israel National Trail and near the Sataf. There are also lovely hiking trails in the nearby forests. Additional attractions are ATV trips that set out from the area, and families with children can also enjoy a visit to Mini-Israel.

We place an emphasis on service, are welcoming to our guests, and anyone who comes here knows that he can turn to us with questions and requests and we will always be attentive. Because we are a religious communal settlement, most of our guests on weekends are from the religious sector, because on Shabbat you are not allowed to enter with a vehicle or to use the barbecue grill, although it's important to me to mention that inside the house the guests can of course do as they please. In midweek there is a variety of guests from different communities, who benefits from attractive and surprising prices, mainly midweek and during the winter months. Check it out and you'll be surprised."

Nof Meir 

Itzik Cohen: 054-4523266

Tuscany in Judea – Shoeva

טוסקנה ביהודה שואבה (צילומים: אלדד מאסטרו)

טוסקנה ביהודה שואבה (צילומים: אלדד מאסטרו)

If you're a couple looking for the perfect romantic place to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, wedding night or engagement, or just want to pamper yourselves, Tuscany in Judea in Moshav Shoeva is the place for you. A very luxurious guest house, built and designed by owner Kobi Kapiloto with his own hands. The guest house is designed and accessorized down to the smallest details, with a fireplace for a warm and romantic atmosphere and a jacuzzi with a window that overlooks the landscape, a good espresso machine with fine coffee and capsules free of charge, a mini bar with cold drinks, beers, wine and seasonal fruits, cookies and chocolates scattered in various parts of the house, a safe for valuables, a well appointed bathroom, a television with a satellite connection and a varied film library.

There is a refreshing private swimming pool in the courtyard, with seasonal flowers and a balcony overlooking the forest, a hammock for lying down comfortably, an orchard of fruit trees and spice shrubs. In season the guests can pick the fruits. You can also relax in the shaded sitting area outside.

"Once when I was sitting in the yard opposite the wadi and drinking coffee, I thought to myself that I must share this amazing experience with other people, and I decided to build a guest house. Before I started building, I built the courtyard. Both in the courtyard and inside the guest house I expressed my love for design and creativity. The guest house is built of natural and recycled materials, and was built by hand. Many guests ask whether my handmade wooden creations that are scattered in every corner are for sale, and also order mezuzahs, and that gives me tremendous satisfaction, in addition to my great satisfaction at having guests. I really enjoy knowing that the guests are happy and do my utmost to make sure they are. I also took care of the religious public and there's a Shabbat clock in the guest house," says Kobi.

"The guest house is accessorized in a very romantic way, with a charming courtyard and the correct lighting outside and inside, and attention to the small details such as wine, cookies and chocolates, which I scatter in various corners; beers and fruit add to the good feeling. The best proof is that our guests always return to us. There were couples who came here to get engaged and returned to celebrate their wedding night, or celebrated the birthday of one of them and returned to celebrate the other's birthday." Breakfast can be ordered in advance and you'll get a very rich and pampering meal.

Tuscany in Judea

Telephone: 050-6700497




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