מלון טריפ בת שבע (צילום סימפלקס 360
מלון טריפ בת שבע (צילום סימפלקס 360

Surprising boutique hotels in Jerusalem

Boutique hotels in Jerusalem have long since become a preferred vacation destination: a Jerusalem atmosphere, a surprising breakfast, a heated pool, a fascinating view, or all of the above. The city's boutique hotels continue to surprise

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Tryp Jerusalem Bat Sheva Hotel

Located in the city center on King George Street – in walking distance of the Great Synagogue, Mahane Yehuda, the Old City, the Mamilla Mall and the many places of entertainment.

Veteran Jerusalemites probably remember the Bat Sheva Tower – a white elephant that stood in the city center for eight years. The owner, Reuven Ella, the Leshem Group project manager Kobi Tal, and designer Dana Oberson (the daughter of designer Gideon Oberson) have used their great talent to create a boutique hotel with 79 rooms, designed in a Jerusalem style and atmosphere.

מלון טריפ בת שבע (צילום: סימפלקס)

מלון טריפ בת שבע (צילום: סימפלקס)

At the entrance to the hotel lobby you can feel the special atmosphere of a blending of the old and the new. "I wanted to take the courtyard where father lived, in the Kurdish neighborhood, the people who lived in those courtyards, to present the story of their journey and to bring it into the hotel," says Reuven Ella.

The excellent breakfast is supervised by chef Moshiko Assulin and his assistant Tareq, a Jew and an Arab who together offer a large selection of authentic Jerusalem foods. The meal is served in dishes that are reminiscent of grandmother's home: a bottle of arak is placed in the center of the table, alongside roasted almonds and a honeycomb, with an old Syfolux on the shelf.

The hotel's crowning glory is the lobby on the ninth floor, with a homey seating area and an amazing balcony overlooking a breathtaking view. "The guests can sit here, drink and sit comfortably opposite the view," says Bat Sheva Hotel CEO Carmel Matzliach??. "We are very meticulous about maintaining our concept, and that's what dictates our conduct." The hotel is designed for couples, both tourists and Israelis, and it also offers guided tours to attractions in the Old City and the marketplaces, as well as discount tickets that Jerusalem offers. The hotel can also be booked for medium-sized events and conferences.

Telephone: 073-3370000. Address: 42 King George Street, Jerusalem

Facebook: Tryp Bat Sheva Hotel

The website of the Tryp Jerusalem Bat Sheva Hotel

Lago suites Hotel

The new boutique hotel in Jerusalem, Lago Suites Hotel, which opened only about two months ago, is becoming popular because of its unique qualities. The hotel's crowning glory is the swimming pool, which is open in the summer and is roofed and heated in the winter, a unique feature compared to other boutique hotels in Jerusalem. Alongside the pool is a large and pampering jacuzzi, which is heated during Jerusalem's cold winter months, and a spa that offers varied treatments and massages and is open to the hotel guests and people from outside, for days of enjoyment.

מלון לאגו (צילום אסף קרלה)

מלון לאגו (צילום אסף קרלה)

The hotel kitchen is rich and varied, and serves breakfast and lunch in a Jerusalem atmosphere. The hotel owners, Eliran Aharonov and Reuven Maimon, wanted to offer the hotel guests a luxurious atmosphere and pampering combined with an intimate boutique feeling, and built a hotel with 20  high-quality rooms with an impressive design, whose sense of luxury includes even the smallest details.


The 20 rooms include three spacious and elegant suites, each of which has a large jacuzzi. "After a year and a half of construction our vision has come true and the hotel is open for guests," says Aharonov. "We designed the hotel in a modern-luxurious style, at a level of five stars. All the rooms are well accessorized, with thought devoted to all the needs of the customer who comes for a vacation. The lobby has a facility for hot drinks that is designed for the hotel guests, with free coffee and tea 24 hours a day."

The hotel is suitable for couples, for families on Shabbat before or after a wedding, and is designed for the religious sector as well. The pool area can be rented for closed events, and is specially suited to all the sectors, with total privacy.

Telephone: 02-6499055. Address: 12 Hata'asiya, Talpiot, Jerusalem

For Facebook: Lago Suites Hotel

For the internet: Lago Suites Hotel

Holy Land Hotel

In the heart of Jerusalem, a five-minute walk from the old city, is the Holy Land Hotel. Built in 1962 from the traditional Jerusalem stone and recently renovated, keeping its classic Arabic design while using all modern utilities, makes it a popular destination for those wanting to feel the magic of the city.

מלון הולילנד (צילום: נאדים עמאד)

מלון הולילנד (צילום: נאדים עמאד)

Within the hotel’s four floors you will find 104 fully equipped rooms, a specious dining hall, free Wi-Fi, 24\7 reception service, a private parking lot and disability access. Located conveniently within a 5-20-minute walking distance to many religious sites such as the Western Wall, the Muslim quarter, Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, Damascus gate, Temple mount, Al-Aqsa Mosque and Mamilla center.

But in all accounts, the Holy Land’s true gem is “The View” – a rooftop restaurant overlooking the dome of the rock. Combining European inspired techniques with Middle Eastern cuisine, makes for an enchanting culinary experience.
The herbal garden is a wonderful addition, using fresh spices in the kitchen and infusing herbs in cocktails at the bar.

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 14:00 (winter) or 16:00 (summer) and can be the perfect place to have a delicious meal with a spectacular view.

 “We have many returning visitors” says Nadim Amad, the restaurant and bar manager and former chef, “we have been around for over five decades and we know what our clients are looking for, I want the guests to be happy”.

The Holy Land Hotel also has meeting rooms used for seminars, workshops and small wedding, accommodating up to 80 guests and offering live music at events.

Address: Harun al-Rashid St 6, Jerusalem
Tel:  02-6284841
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HolyLandHotel

Instagram: theview.jerusalem


Tzefania Apartments Hotel

מלון צפניה (צילום: יובל כהן אהרונוב)

מלון צפניה (צילום: יובל כהן אהרונוב)

The Tzefania Apartsment Hotel is one of the first hotels in Jerusalem. The hotel was built in 1930 by the Giladis, a couple of Persian origin, and the second generation of the family in the Holy city, which came to Israel for love of Zion, leaving behind all their property.

In the developing Kerem Avraham neighborhood, as neighbors of writer Amos Oz and the poet Zelda, Mr. Giladi served as the first plumber and metal worker in the neighborhood, planned and installed the plumbing systems of important and famous buildings in the city (such as Beit Hama'a lot) that was gradually being built up.

With the money he earned from his work, he and Mrs. Giladi built a lovely stone buildng on 4 Tzefania Street. In 1947 the family opened the Tzefania Hotel, living on the first floor and running the hotel without a break. The hotel became famous, and its 18 rooms hosted famous rabbis, writers and statesman, and often appeared in the press.

The hotel stands out among the other houses in the neighborhood, and it is immediately evident that 4 Tzefania is not like another ordinary hotel. All 18 rooms were designed differentlyfrom one another, all the rooms are totally renovated with 19th-century furniture, parquet floors and a chandelier in the middle of the room. The goal is that when the guest enters the hotel, he'sll feel the original Jerusalem combined with the new, the authentic and the conservative, where anyone will feel at home.

The main clientele are small groups from abroad who want to celebrate private and unique, outstanding and different events, at which the hotel excels – with the personal treatment, the embrace of every guest and the ability to meet every wish or requirement.

Since the hotel opened its doors it has been run by a small and high quaility staff and the same family, headed by the son of the Giladis, Yitzhak, 76, who was born and grew up between the walls of the hotel and has the good fortune to see the success of Jerusalem and the place, together and separately. The family of course wants to maintain the character of a small and simple place, private and boutique, very far from the large corporations, and to maintain the feeling of Jerusalem as a genuine Jerusalemite.

Telephone: 02-5376384  Address: 4 Tzefania Street, JerusalemTo

the website of the Tzefania Hotel: www.tzefania4.co.il

On Facebook: Tzefania Apartments Hotel




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