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Jerusalem restaurants that are open on Shabbat

Are you looking for restaurants open on Shabbat in Jerusalem? There's no need to work hard and to cook, because we deserve a vacation on weekends, and there are many restaurants open on Shabbat all over the city. We brought you a selection of restaurants that will make sure you really enjoy your Shabbat

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Dolphin Yam | Ben Shetach Street

For five decades the Dolphin Yam (Sea Dolphin) restaurant has been a
brand name in Jerusalem, and it has a good reputation. The restaurant,
which is located in a preserved Jerusalem building, was established in
1967, with a charming combination of Parisian chic and authentic
Jerusalem warmth.

דולפין ין (צילום: אסף קרלה)

דולפין ין (צילום: אסף קרלה)

Thanks to experience, knowledge and a great love of people – Dolphin
Yam has maintained its culinary success for many years, and the
professional staff creates generous, amazing dishes from fine fresh
ingredients: fish along with excellent meats, seafood, pastas in popular
and varied sauces, vegetarian dishes and portions for children, and all at
fair prices.
Among all the outstanding dishes, we recommend salmon risotto: This is
a risotto with pieces of salon in a cream sauce, with perfect seasoning
that leaves you with an appetite for more. And if you were looking for
the ideal place for private and business events, the restaurant has a
private room for up to 60 diners, and a courtyard that holds 50.

Address: 9 Ben Shetach Street, Jerusalem

Tel: 02-6232272
Website: Dolphin Yam
Facebook: Dolphin Yam
Instagram: Sea Dolphin

Zuni | Yoel Salomon Street

In Jerusalem's picturesque Nahalat Shiva neighborhood, on the second
floor of a historical building, you will find the perfect place for eating and
drinking around the clock – at all hours of the day and night. Zuni
Brasserie, with a modern French American menu, which is open 24/7.

זוני (צילומים: שלומי כהן)

זוני (צילומים: שלומי כהן)

The kitchen provides excellent food that is entirely home-made:
breakfasts, lunches and dinners and even a varied nighttime menu that
begins at midnight and is served until the morning, with great desserts
and breads that are baked on the premises by the in-house chef – and all
along with high-quality alcohol.
The Zuni bistro, café and bar is also a wonderful place for festive
occasions like birthday parties, engagements or any other event. Anat
and Dan, who made their dream come true when they opened the place
in 2006, say: Zuni is our home and we love knowing that it's a home for
others too. Every morning we think about what we can do to improve
and to make things tastier and more pleasant.
Among the large number of dishes, we recommend tasting the French
toast in mascarpone cream and berry jam. Your pleasure is guaranteed.
And there's something to look forward to – soon they'll be opening a
cafeteria right below the restaurant, where we will be able to enjoy
baked goods, sandwiches, salads and fresh and unique coffee.

Address: 15 Yoel Salomon Street, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6257776
Website: Zuni
Facebook: Zuni

Bolinat | Dorot Rishonim Street

There isn't a Jerusalemite who isn't familiar with the Bolinat bar-
restaurant, located in a charming alleyway in the Ben Yehuda pedestrian
mall in the city center. It has been a meeting place for young people,
students, soldiers and tourists for the past 25 years. The rich and varied
menu, the excellent drinks and the good atmosphere attract all the

residents of Jerusalem, who come and fill the place every day of the
week, and especially on Friday and Shabbat.

בולינט (צילומים shai ezri)

בולינט (צילומים shai ezri)

On Bolinat's menu you can find the legendary hamburgers that have
become famous in the city, pampering first courses, boutique beers
fresh from the barrel, refreshing cocktails, desserts and a menu of hot
and cold drinks that include "the Bolinat's monsters" – huge high-calorie
shakes that will leave you wanting more. In addition, they serve the
coffee products of one of the best and tastiest companies in the world –
The Bolinat is known especially for the "Friday noon" events, when a DJ
and a photographer are in attendance and all the young people in
Jerusalem assemble for one big celebration of music, beer and good
Another well known and popular event is "Beer and Song" – a singalong
evening that will begin its ninth year this summer, when the Bolinat will
be filled with people celebrating in the street in a joyful and exciting
Jerusalem atmosphere.
Throughout the week, from Sunday to Thursday, 5 P.M. to 9 P.M., there
are "happy hours," when you can enjoy a beer for only 14 shekels, and a
variety of drinks at discounted prices. The Bolint is also a study-friendly
space with a Wi-Fi connection and an area with outlets for laptops.

Tel: 02-6249733
Address: 6 Dorot Rishonim Street, Jerusalem
Open: Sunday-Shabbat, 9 A.M. to 1 A.M.,

and on weekends 9 A.M. to 2

Facebook: Bolinat

THE VIEW | Harun Al-Rashid Street

Watching the dome of the rock, surrounded by the old city walls, you can see
how the view got its name. This mesmerizing sight has a calming, almost spiritual effect.
Combined with the delicious food and the welcoming atmosphere, you’re in for a
true Middle Eastern experience.

מסעדת THE VIEW (צילום: נאדים עמאד)

THE VIEW (צילום: נאדים עמאד)

The View restaurant opened its doors in 2017 on the 4th floor
rooftop balcony of the Holy Land Hotel in Jerusalem, and made their
herbal garden the main theme of its menu. Incorporating Arabic cooking with French
techniques results in rich, comforting foods, taking pride
in their kitchen’s ingridients by not owning a can opener.
The freshly cut herbs add that boost of unexpected flavor –
immediately upgrading even the most basic course.

The most popular dish is the Asado, which is cooked for 3 hours in red wine
and savory meat-broth with tomato sauce and fresh herbs, then grilled in barbecue
sauce and za’atar, which gives it a Jerusalem inspired twist
The Gin-thyme cocktail is basic and strong, yet compliments the Asado perfectly.
the aromatic oils from the crushed thyme blend beautifully
with the Bombay Gin and soda, without overpowering the taste
The Samake Hara, a light but satisfying fish course made of sea bream cooked in
tomato sauce and fresh herbs is also a great choice.

Another staple is the wild mushroom risotto. This Italian inspired dish
made from three types of mushrooms, shallots, butter and
za’afran, and adding pastis liquor to accent the rich,
woodsy aroma of the mushrooms – make for a creamy yet strong flavored dish
“The menu was planned to fit most kinds of diets and includes meat and fish,
but we also serve vegan and gluten free options, the butter in the risotto
can be replaced by olive oil and it would be delicious” says Nadim Amad, the
restaurant & bar manager and former chef.

A great recommendation for vegan guests is the focaccia bread
with “The View” salad. the ingredients make a unique combination
of flavors in a surprisingly colorful plate – slightly cooked sweet potato
with almonds and dried cherries, topped with fresh parsley and served with
a beetroot tahini
The menu is very versatile, yet accurate to the guests needs,
as Nadim wants to allow more time eating with friends and
family, than spent choosing from a large menu.

Address: Harun al-Rashid St 6, Jerusalem
Tel:  02-6284841
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheViewJerusalem

Instagram: theview.jerusalem

Terminal | The First Station complex

In the heart of Jerusalem's first train station, the Terminal and
Performance Bar, which is also open on Shabbat, is a place where you
can enjoy a rich dairy menu along with an unusual cultural experience
that includes a cultural and entertainment bar, enriching workshops, a
gallery with changing exhibitions, private events and children's plays

טרמינל במתחם התחנה (צילום: באדיבות טרמינל)

טרמינל במתחם התחנה (צילום: באדיבות טרמינל)

The director of the numerous events that take place at the Terminal is
Dan Ayalon, the artistic director of the site and of the in-house band
Pritzat Disc. During the week there are performances by artists and
bands, who present original material, and cabarets that are as good as
the original. There are also various concept evenings of flamenco, jazz,
beer and singalongs, open stages for beginning artists, an evening of
board games, and that's only a partial list.
The Terminal offers a kosher dairy menu, without a kashrut certificate.
You can find the dishes we all love – toasts, salads, desserts and more.
On Shabbat morning and afternoon the menu changes and a selection of
home-made dishes are served, typical Jerusalem dishes such as a
vegetarian cholent, fish patties on rice, kugel, jahnun and even Old City-
style pretzels.
The special menu creates a genuine, homey and pleasant atmosphere
that shouldn't be missed. The Terminal also has children in mind, and
that's why every Shabbat they serve a children's meal that includes
pizza, a drink and dessert for only 46 shekels.
The managers of the Terminal, Moriah Malka and Avsha Noama
explain the idea behind establishing the place: We decided to open a
café that gives its customers a unique cultural experience, while
promoting Jerusalem culture and the artists in the city and elsewhere.
The place enables Jerusalemites and tourists to enjoy hot, tasty and
kosher food even on Shabbat, in a pleasant and unique family

Address: 4 David Remez Street, the First Station complex, Jerusalem
Tel.: 054-5481040
Facebook: Terminal Tarbut
Instagram: terminal jlm

Abu Shukri Hummus | First Station complex

Jerusalemites, you no longer have to leave the city in order to enjoy
quality humus on weekdays or Shabbat. Abu Shukri Hummus at the First
Station is undoubtedly one of the best places in Jerusalem and anywhere.

חומוס אבו שוקרי (צילומים: אור דנון)

חומוס אבו שוקרי (צילומים: אור דנון)

Hot and excellent hummus, made according to a secret recipe
that has been handed down from one generation to the next for the
past 30 years. Abu Shukri uses fresh chickpeas that are grown organically
without pesticides, as are all the vegetables served in the restaurant.
The green vegetables grow inside the restaurant in a hydroponic system
provided by LivinGreen, and during your visit you will be able to see it.
In addition to a portion of authentic hummus, the likes of which you
won't find anywhere else, there are special hummus dishes with veal or
stir-fried fillet. Rami, the owner, who doesn't like to compromise and is
always trying to outdo himself and to surprise his clientele, decided to
offer, in addition to hummus, numerous rich and pampering dishes – a
mixed grill of fresh and high-quality meats, a Jerusalem mixed grill, ribs
prepared according to a special recipe, fried fish, kuba in various soups,
traditional dishes cooked on a kerosene burner and special dishes that
change every day. You can enjoy a delightful atmosphere that includes
the greenery, fine alcoholic drinks and a variety of traditional desserts.
In addition, the menu includes a rich variety of vegetarian, vegan and
gluten-free foods, so that everyone can find the dish that suits him.
And if you thought you were going to another neglected hummus joint,
that's not the case at all. The Abu Shukri restaurant at the First Station is
well designed, attractive and clean, with comfortable seating, a closed
area for winter and lots of flowers and plants that create a pleasant and
enjoyable feeling.
The atmosphere is light and fun, and everyone can feel comfortable,
both those who want a light snack like a portion of falafel or hummus,
and those who want to dine in the restaurant, with salads, meat and
special dishes. The restaurant can host events for up to 100 people. The
staff is courteous and service-oriented, and will make you feel at home.

Address: First Station, 4 David Remez Street
Tel.: 052-5891555
Hours: 10 A.M. to 11 P.M.

Amigo Emil | Old City's Christian Quarter

The Amigo Emil restaurant is located in the Christian Quarter in
Jerusalem's Old City, in an ancient and charming stone building that has
existed for over 100 years. The restaurant serves authentic
Mediterranean food, as well as modern dishes from various world
cuisines. The place is open every day except Sunday, and this is a
wonderful opportunity to tour the alleyways of the Christian Quarter
and the Old City, and to conclude with an exceptional meal.

אמיגו אמיל (צילומים: באדיבות אמיגו אמיל)

אמיגו אמיל (צילומים: באדיבות אמיגו אמיל)
The menu includes Mediterranean dishes such as majdera, mansaf,
couscous, arayes with excellent meat, juicy kebab, a delicious mixed grill
and a variety of other dishes that will remind you of home. In addition,
there is a wide variety of modern dishes from various cuisines such as
chicken in curry, chicken wings in barbecue sauce, a meat lasagna,
pastas, hamburgers and pizza. The rich menu enables everyone to find
the dish most suited to him and the courteous and professional staff will
make sure than you feel right at home.
So if you're looking for a special way to spend the weekend, you
definitely shouldn't miss a visit to Amigo Emil. The combination of the
ancient stone building, the lovely alleyways of the Old City, the authentic
food and the courteous service will make your experience unforgettable.

Address: 2 Al Hanka Street, the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City
Open from Monday-Shabbat. Monday -Friday 12: noon to 9:30 P.M.,
Shabbat until 8:30 P.M., closed on Sunday
Tel.: 02-6288090
Facebook: Amigo-Emil-Restaurant

Salwa's Home | Ein Nakuba

If you're Jerusalemites, or you've just come for a visit, don't miss Salwa's
Home restaurant located in nearby Ein Nakuba. After a short drive you
will be able to enjoy the pastoral and rural atmosphere that surrounds
the restaurant, where you will receive generous portions of authentic
Arab food. The lovely location of the restaurant and the rich menu are a
wonderful opportunity to use Shabbat for an enjoyable tour combined
with a tasty and unusual meal.

הבית של סלווה (צילומים: שלומי כהן)

הבית של סלווה (צילומים: שלומי כהן)

There's a reason why the restaurant is called Salwa's Home, because the
restaurant is the home of Salwa, an experienced cook who feeds hungry
mouths with an Arab meal fit for a king. Every guest who comes to the
restaurant is received by the staff like a member of the family and
receives courteous and pampering treatment. The family members who
work in the restaurant serve authentic Arab food of a kind that can't be
found anywhere else in Israel, and make sure that everyone leaves
First of all, the restaurant customarily starts the meal with a wealth of
home-made organic fresh salads, which fill the table and create a
colorful mosaic and irresistible fragrances. Afterwards the guests receive
generous main courses just like at home – fragrant stuffed dishes,
mutton or chicken makluba, maftoul, stuffed mutton and an array of
dreamy dishes from Arab cuisine, which you probably won't get to taste
anywhere else. In addition, in Salwa's Home you can celebrate events
with up to 200 guests, with the best food the restaurant has to offer, in a
pleasant and joyful atmosphere. You can also order catering from the
restaurant's rich menu.

Address: Ein Nakuba, near Ein Hemed, Kiryat Anavim and Abu Ghosh
Open: Sunday to Shabbat, 12 noon to 8 P.M.
Tel.: 054-3373652; 054-3355353
Website: home-of-salwa.inforu.mobi

Facebook: Salwa's Home

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